The rank and order of a human being

The rank and order of a human being


Dialogue ['shared word' or 'allow the word to come through'] could be construed as the most sophisticated of human communication. InnerDialogue uses, initially, a non-verbal interaction, providing unparalleled accuracy for noetic understanding between client and practitioner; by bypassing the conscious mind to elicit communication as dialogue.  It uses a commanding skill-set; which includes an ontological application to kinesiology, the use of  a somatic language through mudras or hand gestures, and a precision and accuracy of technique, that leads to profound understanding of what is, and leads the client to what could be. It addresses the contingencies which preclude being.

InnerDialogue is primarily both a technique and a process-rich interaction with a client. It embodies silence, quietness  stillness and surrender to The Great Life as its main focus, allowing a sophisticated interaction to unfold. This reveals the primary narrative that the client operates from. It is this narrative that facilitates deep and fundamental changes in the client.

The work has evolved from a pathology-based ‘find the accident or lesion’ approach; as, over the last forty years, the dialogue reveals both the contingencies and takes us towards being.
— Solihin Thom