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Unseen allies that reside within us, and help us reframe our neurological patterns

October 3-6 2019 – The Old Granary, Boxgrove, E. Sussex.

This is a new HTM constellation workshop, with essentially similar protagonists as myths and archetypes for example. We will be exploring the nature of the unseen world, and whether these unseen elements reside within us, or are merely outsiders in the same realm.

Within the differing realms that create the true human, are many other elements. We need to get to know them, and understand their purpose
— Ibu Rayahu

The unseen world(s) are populated by many different elements. Their nature and shape colored and altered by differing cultures, religious models, superstition. We need to become aware of these elements, and allow them to communicate to us through our bodies (our neurology), so that they can act in their true capacity which is to aid the emergent human.They offer not only a glimpse into our potential but also, by harnessing their energy and purpose, enable us to change and transform our neurological habits and patterns, and so, co-create a more human consciousness.

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