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Neurological elements, and the unseen world

October 3-6 2019 – The Old Granary, Boxgrove, E. Sussex.

This workshop is experiential, practical and information-rich. During these three and a half days, we will explore the idea that we are both a structured entity and a layered arrangements of being.This infers that beyond the physical there are different realms. We exist in these realms, partially or completely. In our understanding and experience, we mostly live partially. We are an emergent creature. Just as our intellect, character and awareness emerges slowly over the decades of our life, so does this internal understanding of who we are. When our outer and inner life are combined, we begin to manifest as a true human; compassionate, open, wide, proactive, dynamic, successful in our lives irrespective of our occupation or ‘job’.

if we might imagine that we are an evolving creature, whose nature develops and emerges from something rather solid, steadfast, unchangeable, to levels whereby we exhibit a much more comprehensive, fluid nature, exhibiting qualities that benefit our communities, countries, and globe. To allow us to become these vital humans, it is paramount that we are able to listen, see and act on the guidance that co-exists within us. We have often said that it is guidance that makes us human. All of the living planet is guided, whether by polarity, electromagnetic fields, by smell, the stars or sun, by intuition or by a Higher sense of an Implicate reality. Within us, are elements that can guide, they are nominally external when not utilized and therefore seen as causal elements which exist but have no connection to. However in this workshop we will bring alive these elements within you, and get them to be heard, and acknowledged and understood. These elements–allies– then become part of us; they guide because we constantly make mistakes, our behaviour thwarts us, we sabotage ourselves, go off track nor listen to our consciences. These elements become a lower order of neurological nudges, whereas when we surrender, we are opening ourselves to a Higher order of guidance. They are invaluable resources.

Within the differing realms that create the true human, are many other elements. We need to get to know them, and understand their purpose
— Ibu Rayahu

The unseen world(s) are populated by many different elements. Their nature and shape colored and altered by differing cultures, religious models, superstition. We need to become aware of these elements, and allow them to communicate to us through our bodies (our neurology), so that they can act in their true capacity which is to aid the emergent human.They offer not only a glimpse into our potential but also, by harnessing their energy and purpose, enable us to change and transform our neurological habits and patterns, and so, co-create a more human consciousness.

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