Cranial Fluid Dynamics–5 part series

This 5 part workshop, each of 4 days, will take a practitioner / student through a comprehensive, deep unfolding of the ontological approach to the fluid matrix of the human body.

CFD has its origins in the pathological pursuit of lesion patterns. Its approach has evolved to revealing the principle and dominant narratives that underpin the fluid rhythm of the human body. The student is taught to make an entry (at every level of function–material, vegetal, instinctual and human), to allow the narrative to manifest, to understand the narrative, and to ultimately hold the body through the narrative. The narrative itself, holds the various forces that influence the fluid rhythm and flow within the matrix.

There are 5 parts:

  1. Material–this introduces the resonances and bones and their carrier  influence
  2. Vegetal–this introduces the concept of the body SNS plexi acting as capacitors, holding the organ and viscera in fields of energy that effect their function, holding the organism in time and place.
  3. Instinctual–this introduces the various animal components within the body–joints, sex and conception, cloaca, smell as well as the scaffolding infrastructure that holds the organism together–diaphragms,  fascia, muscles, dura as both principle architectural features as well as a protective dynamic that can obfuscate and mislead the practitioner.
  4. Human–this takes us into the labyrinths of the brain and its architecture, exploring how beliefs, pride, hubris etc., takes power and alters our architecture and consequently how we operate in our executive functioning.
  5. Archetypal–this pulls the whole theme of CFD together, and introduces archetypal mudras that herald a balanced, organized integration of the human as  potentially noble creature.

This course is arduous, full, replete with knowledge, deep within its ontological premise, precise and comprehensive.