Solihin Malim Thom


Founder of Ad Humanitas and Developer of InnerDialogue

Solihin was born in 1950, in Edinburgh, Scotland to William FJM and Diana Thom.  He is a twin with his brother Richard. Their sister Ann preceded them, and they have a younger sister, Josephine, followed by a brother James.

His father, a physician, initially joined a family practice in Edinburgh, but in the very early fifties his parents took the family off to Cyprus initially, whilst his mother and the three children waited for a home to be built in  Kuwait–the family domicile for the next sixteen years. His father became the medical CHO in a large oil town, Ahmadi, for the Kuwait Oil Co. During this time the family added a further two children to the family. As a schoolboy he enjoyed a year (1957) at the American School in Beirut whilst his father learned Arabic, and then went to two schools in Scotland until ’68, although home in the holidays was often back in Kuwait. Consequently the sense of travel, injected so early, has spurred him to mirror his parent’s initial foray into foreign lands, and so can count many  further places as ‘home’–the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, England, United States, Russia and now Turkey. His early travels in the near east, as a young adult brought him close to philosophic and esoteric teachings that has shaped his thinking throughout his life. On returning from these travels he built-up a small express-delivery trucking business, and honed his skills at juggling many positions within the small firm. A fortuitous car accident moved him unceremoniously out of the difficulties of running a small business, and into rehab. Serendipitous inner promptings were then allowed to be explored, and he went back to school to learn osteopathy, following in his father’s footsteps, albeit in an alternative approach to medicine.

In 1980, Solihin graduated as a DO from the British School of Osteopathy and built-up one of the first multi-disciplinary alternative health practices in London, The Fulham Clinic. [The Dip. Osteopathy is analogous but not the same as a Dr of Osteopathy in the US, but allows us to practice as primary providers within the health system of Great Britain.] He initially practiced cranial osteopathy and also built up his clinical acumen in TCM acupuncture, in 1984, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, under the auspices of the World Health Organization. He was first introduced to kinesiology by Dr. John Bandy DC, and then taught by Dr. Meldener ICAK, both chiropractic physicians to use Applied Kinesiology as a feedback tool.

In 1984, Solihin met Alan Beardall DC, who introduced a new model of work called Clinical Kinesiology. After this initial introduction to clinical kinesiology, and his intensive study with Alan, whose sudden and tragic death in ’86, pushed and inspired Solihin to develop his own received work through the action of surrender as he practiced his clinical craft. The work has developed from a physician-biased tool to a much broader open yet initially non-verbal dialogue system. Solihin’s main interest in the development of the work, was to keep it small and confined, not to mass market, until there was a system which had unparalleled accuracy, possessing a deep ontological framework and a sophisticated understanding of how to help others as a companion to life, rather than as a physician to fix the problem.

Consequently over the last thirty-three years, Solihin has refined and expanded the body of work, InnerDialogue™ to be  a vehicle for dialogue–hence its name.  This was achieved by numerous clinical workshops over the years for practitioners and for others as personal development workshops–taught in the UK, US, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Austria and such diverse locations as Morocco, Bali, Italy and India. During this time Solihin was a regular speaker and facilitator at various health conferences, and prestigious institutions and was until his ’09 migration to Russia, an occasional contributor to both the American Holistic Health Association and the prestigious Cranial Academy of the American Osteopathic Association, and to many other organizations and Conferences. He left Russia in 2016, and he and Alicia now live in Turkey.

Solihin is no longer a practicing osteopath, but has continued to work as an ontological consultant and to teach and talk about an ontological premise behind healing, wellbeing and purpose.

Alicia Thom

Alicia Thom;  founder of Ad Humanitas

Alicia Thom; founder of Ad Humanitas

Founder of Ad Humanitas and co-developer of The Human Template Constellation process

The oldest of five children, she attended a Waldorf school, where she first began to realize the importance of community life. At age fifteen, her family moved to Indonesia, which allowed her to broaden her view of the world and its rich and diverse cultures, giving her a unique perspective on life.

In 1989 she became a Master NLP practitioner and is now a fully accredited Life Coach. Married since 1976, she and her husband Solihin moved to Oregon with their four children in 1991 with the vision of introducing their work in this country.

Alicia’s life experience and travel to many different countries brings a unique perspective to her work. She has co-facilitated personal development workshops with her husband Solihin for over fourteen years in the US and internationally. In 2002, she presented at the Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace Conference, in Kalimantan, Indonesia. In addition, she has recently developed the Sacred Woman workshop where she offers an opportunity for women to explore and recognize their innate qualities and resources. She and Solihin continue to co-facilitate the series of workshops known as ‘Being Human: the Life Forces, sharing not only their work, but also their passion for life and all that it has to offer. Alicia and Solihin now live in Turkey.

Their book, Being Human: Exploring the forces that shape us and awaken an inner life, is available through this site on line, at or at good bookshops everywhere.