Intimacy–a Being Human workshop

An ontological approach to intimacy


Intimacy infers an inner knowledge of, or knowing it presupposes a wisdom derived from an intimacy with the subject–yourself, with a partner, children, friends and colleagues; notwithstanding an intimacy with the Divine

To be intimate, we need to be connected to and know each of the various parts of ourselves. We are an emergent being, that is, in pursuit of our potential, growing upwards as if towards heaven.

We emerge from our relative obscurity, ignorance and ordinary education into human beings who have a fresh, deep, and width of understanding concerning all the elements within us that create who we are.

We will explore these inner parts of ourselves in the light of intimacy and look at the various elements that influence or force us off track, away from being intimate or knowing.

These various elements are carried within us by what we term the Life Forces. The Life Forces carry all our instructions [historical genome] or innate understanding of who we are, but also what we are not. We are a repository of information, carrying data or memories which influence our relationships to self and others, and of course our relationship to God. These elements may be familial, historical, cultural and they influence us in an unseen way. The workshop will help us to recognize these elements that thwart or restrict our capacity to be intimate, and give us tools to change them.

This workshop will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of intimacy at every level:

  • The familial ideas and habits and taboos of intimacy that you have inherited
  • The feelings you have about being intimate; fears, uncertainties, embarrassment, shyness etc…
  • Your actions and behaviors in intimate matters – with secrets, sexuality, the sacred and with habits
  • The beliefs you hold that may be cultural, collective and archetypal
  • The identities you have, that facilitate or preclude intimacy