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Syna Horton

InnerDialogue Practitioner and Teacher – Ireland


Currently residing in Ireland, Syna has worked professionally in the field of Complementary and Alternative Holistic medicine for 15 years.
Becoming a Master Practitioner of InnerDialouge has opened many pathways personally and professionally.
Through the use of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Qi modality and Allergy protocol in her practice, she facilitates adults, children and family situations towards inner self realization and outer physical resolution while respecting each individuals spiritual journey.

She currently teaches Introduction to Cranial Fluid Dynamics.

Her professional experience has branched in to the community development sector where she has lectured community groups on the benefits of natural medicine and personal development for the emerging community member. She has also spoken on the benefits of Cranial Fluid Dynamics in current healthcare to influential leaders.
A former student of the Tai-chi School of Philosophy and Art, Syna teaches Tai-chi in its original form to individuals and groups in Ireland.
In the Provence region of France, Syna is well-known for her treatments and is available throughout the year for sessions.


Maj Clarstedt

InnerDialogue Practitioner- Sweden


Maj, a native Swede, lived, worked and studied in Oregon, USA for nearly 20 years. This is where she studied with Solihin Thom, DO (UK) Dac to become an InnerDialogue practitioner and also had a private practice for over 10 years in Portland, Oregon. She also served as teaching assistant at many of Solihin Thom’s Cranial fluid Dynamics and Allergy workshops. Maj and her family moved back to Sweden in 2007 where she now has a private practice in Stockholm.

Trained in
Inner Dialogue, Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Allergy, Ontological Kinesiology, Myths and Archetypes, Qi, Inner Listening
Additional Training
Licensed massage therapist


Office in Vasastan:
Sigtunagatan 17

113 22 Stockholm
ph.  46- 073 645 8877