InnerDialogue is an evolving system. It uses several thousand precise mudras (gestures), as a protolanguage to enable dialogue. There are many other add-ons (e.g. challenges–when we gently provoke the organism) that promote a precise narrative to arise. As with any conversation, and with each practitioners, coaches etc., the conversation will be different. The language (individual narrative) accessed will reflect the practitioner, their capacity and experience, fluidity and ease-of-use with this specific language (mudras).

The various workshops (listed below) are not fixed, they are both fluid, and evolving we understand the fundamentals of the work known as InnerDialogue.


These workshops logos identify some of the threads that make up the environment of InnerDialogue. 

  • InnerDialogue–intro                                                             (1 or 2 day; variable)
  • Cranial Fluid Dynamics–intro                                       (1 or 2  days; variable)
  • Cranial Fluid Dynamics–5 parts                                             (each are 4 days)
  • Allergy–from symptom to Source–3 parts                            (each are 4 days)
  • Qi–in a  rhythm–3 parts                                                              (each are 4 days)
  • Djinn-jinn-genie-gene-genome-genius–2 parts         (each are 4 days)
  • Psychosomatic dialogue–4 parts                                           (each are 4 days)
  • InnerListening (with mudras)–2 parts                                (each are 3 days)

Workshops that do not use mudras nor kinesiology, and are based on the Human Template Model constellation process:

All are held over 3 or 4 days

  • Being Human–intro
  • Being Human
  • Sacred Woman
  • Healing the Family Tree
  • Myths and archetypes
  • InnerListening

A 10 day workshop in the 'other':

  • Living the Life Forces